A Blissful Afternoon….

A Blissful Afternoon….

It was one of those moments….a few friends and I at a beachside cafe, simply enjoying the gentle OCEAN BREEZE as we pondered the breakfast menu.  It was one of those carefree days, so we all enjoyed a decadent CINNAMON BUN with fresh squeezed TUSCAN ORANGE juice rendered from blood oranges.

What could be better? So –  hesitant to get to work and mesmerized by the combined aromas of the almost sensual OCEAN BREEZE and the MAGNOLIA BLOOM fragrance of the bouquet on the table, we decided to order some succulent, warm WHITE TEA with a refreshing dessert of SALTED CARAMELS, while contemplating an afternoon at a BALI SPA.

Then abruptly and rather sadly, I was brought back to reality as one of our staff hollered, “My bus is here, I gotta go!”  And another echoed, “What’s for dinner?”

It was nice while it lasted….

Candles cooling, waiting for wicks to be cut and labels to be applied.

Was it the combined aromas of all those new scents we were pouring that day, or simply my euphoria from the first pour of the day, EXTREME OUD, that sent me into that blissful trance?

Doesn’t matter….it was wonderful.  And I can’t wait to see where the next afternoon’s candle pouring will send us.

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