A Colorful Day….

A Colorful Day….

One can’t help but notice the recent trend in coloring, not the usual kid coloring, but adult coloring. Every bookstore and grocery store has shelves of these ‘adult coloring books’.

But coloring is nothing new to our own ‘kids’ at ScentsAbility. And they certainly do not need special books. I must admit I look forward to days that are not too busy and the girls have time to color. Sadly the boys are generally not interested.

Their styles differ. Kim is the meticulous one, putting an almost mosaic-like pattern on every item colored. Carmen’s work is quite traditional (except for a penchant for coloring Mickey Mouse green). Jessica is much more creative; anything can be any color — of course! Kortni always fills her pages with hearts and personal messages, and for reasons known only to her, the heads of her people are always squares. Lexy and Jessica had a recent opportunity to meet famed artist Romero Britto, and since then Lexy has patterned her work after his vibrant style.

I must admit I am rather jealous. After all, who doesn’t love a world where dogs can be purple, turtles striped, and flowers grow larger than the houses behind them: a world where the sun dominates the sky, the animals are all cute and gentle, and Disney characters abound. I often wish I could escape to that unique, colorful world if only for an afternoon. Perhaps we should all try!!

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