A Quirky Crew….

A Quirky Crew….

A few weeks ago I wrote about the unique language that our chandlers have, making each day a bit more special.  That being said, I can hardly ignore that like all of us, they each have their clever, yet lovable, little quirks as well.

One of my favorites is Kim’s love of socks.  On any given day she could be wearing knee socks with hearts, geometric patterns, holiday images, Disney characters or sports teams.
Khari has his assortment of accessories:  often a heavy, magnetic neck chain, an oversized watch or a new case for his phone. And let’s not forget that he comes fully equipped with chewing gum for himself and anybody who wants to share it.  For Billy it is all about hats, most often representing a sports team.

Khari stirs wax, showing off a few of his favorite accessories.

For others it is not an item, but a habit.  If you hear singing coming from the bathroom, it is probably Kornti, complete with headsets and CD player.  And it’s not unusual for her to start twerking at any moment, a brief interruption to whatever job she might be doing.

If you hear a timid sneeze, it is likely Jessica.  Her ‘fake sneezes’ are her signature way of letting us all know she’s around.  And if you want to know anything about Lady Liberty, just ask her, and she will likely be wearing at least one of many pieces of jewelry representing her favorite landmark.

More often than not Lexy will either be drawing in Romero Britto style or copying a list of Justin Bieber songs from her phone, while Jamie likes to make lists of just about anything. Last week it was names of chandlers going to Orlando; before that it was a list of all the candle scents.  We all envy his seriously neat penmanship.

And one little quirk shared by all:  their belief that sitting down on the job for frequent breaks is absolutely essential.

I could go on…and on… sharing endearing habits about food, movies, games, even singing in the car.  But let’s save that for a later blog…

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