A Visit to WICK IT!

It was special trip for special people. Jessica and Lexy took off for New Jersey to visit a company that has been more than supportive of ScentsAbility. Wick It has provided candle wicks to ScentsAbility for over two years now. The girls met with Joe Blythe, the owner of Wick It, and he took them on a tour of the factory.


Then the girls paid a visit to the candle shop next door to see their own candles on display!

Wick It has their own candle making experience behind the store and the girls jumped right in! They chose their own fragrances, then showed their stuff as they made their own creations!

At the end of the day the girls presented Joe with a very special gift! Thank you to Wick It for the amazing support you give to ScentsAbility candles! We are very grateful for the incredible trip to the Wick It candle wick factory!



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