Boys’ Day at the Shoppe….

Boys’ Day at the Shoppe….

We are all creatures of habit, and my usual days at the shoppe are Tuesdays and Thursdays, but occasionally I enjoy stopping by on a Wednesday.

The crew is very different that day because Billy, Michael, and Khari work at an elevator company on my usual days, so Wednesday has become boys’ day at the shoppe — even though there are usually a few gals around as well.

The differences are immediately obvious.  Khari is always front and center with high fives and a loud, “Linda, I missed you.”   I’m not sure the boy ever sits down.  Billy is generally at the table, and I usually get a current update on his favorite sports teams and mine.  Michael is less predictable, but I know he will have a story.  He’ll either be telling me about the most recent sales event, his Special Olympics accomplishments, or his weekend adventures.

But what stands out most is the noise level.  My years in the classroom taught me that no group is louder than a bunch of girls, but these guys have changed my mind.  No matter the topic, each seems to want to talk louder than the other.  Their laughing is frequent — and very difficult to talk over.  It is also contagious.  An educated guess tells me that perhaps their lunches together at Pizza Time before coming to the shoppe put them on a carb high, or more simply, perhaps it’s just their obvious camaraderie.

Billy stirs wax to make candles for a special order.

But the work still gets done;  Billy’s favorite job is wicking or stirring, while Michael likes to work with wax.  Khari is up for anything, but can always be relied on to be in motion, whether taking out the garbage or just checking up on everybody.

So Wednesdays have become a welcome change to my routine; perhaps I should join the boys more often.

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