Housing for the Special Needs Community

Director Bonnie Schmidt was asked to speak at the David Posnack JCC in Davie FL. She discusses her new organization the IDDEAL Foundation and its focus on housing for the special needs community.

Hiring Employees with IDD

ScentsAbility Director Bonnie Schmidt talks about hiring employees with IDD during her NCA keynote speech. She discusses the value of organizations like Vocational Rehab and Best Buddies, and also reviews the tax breaks that companies can receive for hiring individuals with IDD.


In Part One of her keynote speech, Director Bonnie Schmidt spoke about the trials of Jessica and Lexy and the life changing independence they’re searching for. She talks about their health issues, their bond, and how they became Lexica. She also invites them to make a small speech of their own.

Thank you to the National Candle Association for their amazing support of ScentsAbility candles. We are eternally grateful for having been given this opportunity to speak on such an important and pressing topic in today’s society.

National Candle Association Expo 2019

Team ScentsAbility had an amazing week at the Grand Beach Resort in Naples Florida. They met vendors and suppliers from all segments of the candle industry, from wicks and wax, to jars and fragrances. They were able to test out a new candle pouring machine, and they gave their first demo on candle making at an NCA expo!

Director Bonnie Schmidt was the keynote speaker, and spoke about job creation for the special needs community, as well as the struggles that ScentsAbility goes through every day. She also gave out awards to all of the companies and individuals in the candle industry that have helped ScentsAbility grow over the past three years.

ScentsAbility is helping David Best build a Temple!

Last week we had the BEST visitor come to ScentsAbility…literally. David Best, internationally acclaimed American sculptor spent an hour at ScentsAbility spreading his inspirational messages. He is well-known for building huge unaffiliated temples out of recycled wood for the Burning Man festivals, this year being held in Nevada on August 25th. As David has expressed “In order for people to feel safe, to feel and express deep emotion and so they can heal, the temples must be beautiful and delicate while at the same time being strong to provide comforting support”.  David encourages people to write messages within the temple, things they wish to have closure around. Temples are lit a blaze, burning to the ground, along with everyone’s emotional baggage held within.

As part of the healing process from the anniversary date of the tragic shooting at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School, David Best will be building a temple in Coral Springs. When he was at ScentsAbility he told our young adults that his greatest inspiration comes from people. He was genuinely moved by the spirit and heart of our young adults and has asked us to participate in the building of this incredible temple. We are honored to be part of this healing project.

AOL Holiday Heroes

Every holiday has its unsung hero, and AOL’s video series “Holiday Heroes” highlights those individuals who are making a difference in their communities.

A producer from AOL saw the story of ScentsAbility on South Florida’s Channel 10 News earlier this fall and ScentsAbilitiy was chosen as AOL’s Holiday Heroes. AOL sent a crew to the ScentsAbility candle shoppe to interview the team, and spend a day of candle making with the special young adults. It was a very special day for everyone. The morning was full of interviews and emotional individual stories. Then they went out for pizza with the crew for lunch. In the afternoon they returned to the candle shop and made candles, volcanoes and had lots of laughs. The AOL crew learned all about ScentsAbility’s mission to provide job training, employment and housing for young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).

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Women’s Expo 2018 WEX

Women’s Expo 2018 WEX

WEX is the premier event for entrepreneurs, change-makers, go-getters, creatives, industry leaders, and any woman who has a dream and a mission to turn her ideas into reality. ScentsAbility was invited to attend and Director Bonnie Schmidt was nominated for the National WEX Award.

The team was up bright and early to setup for the event at Broward Convention Center. (Even the boys helped setup the booth! Then they went for breakfast while the women had fun!) It was non-stop speeches, networking, and selling. An incredible event that encourages women from all over the world to be the best they can be.

There wasn’t an open seat in the house when the award was announced and many were waiting in anticipation. To the surprise of team ScentsAbility, Bonnie was announced the winner of the 2018 WEX award! Bonnie, Lexy and Jessica made their way up to the stage and they were showered with photographers paparazzi style! Lexy was smiling from ear to ear.

Thank you to Alexa Carlin Founder and CEO of WEX for allowing Scentsability to be part of this very special event.

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ScentsAbility attends JAFCO Fundraiser

ScentsAbility attends JAFCO Fundraiser

Year after year JAFCO invites the ScentsAbility team to the “In My Shoes” luncheon. It’s a special day to help raise funds to care for abused and neglected children and those with disabilities. ScentsAbility is always excited to show their latest products, and meet people from Palm Beach county that support their mission. Jessica was super excited when she ran into one of her favorite people, Siggy Flicker from Real Housewives of New Jersey. It was a great day of people, pictures and candles. Thank you to Sarah Franco Executive Director of JAFCO for inviting us to this amazing fundraising event.


Jack Nicklaus Children’s Hospital

Jack Nicklaus Children’s Hospital

A couple weeks ago we received a call from the Director at Jack Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. She saw the Channel 10 News segment on ScentsAbility and she instantly fell in love with our cause. She asked if she could put ScentsAbility candles in the gift shop at the hospital. The answer was a resounding yes!

They scheduled a day for the team to bring products for the gift shop to sell. We didn’t just bring some of our products for the gift shop but spent the whole day there.


They had us setup a table with all of our products so the hospital staff and visitors could see what ScentsAbility was all about. The team had an incredible day of sales! It was a very very long day for everyone and Lexy was pooped by the end of the day.

Thank you to Nicklaus Children’s Hospital for their support! We look forward to our next visit!

Six Scents For Fall

Six Scents For Fall

What do you love about Fall? Maybe you live somewhere where the temperature drops and colors change. This change in atmosphere almost brings a change in pace, and in some places the Fall means slower weekend days, a visit to an apple cider farm and cozy arts and crafts. Now in Florida, not much changes for us around here. Temperatures basically never drop here, and there’s really no need to bring out the plaid shirts and fall boots (although we still do!). And this is why we love scents so much. Because no matter where you are (or what the temperature is) you can make it feel like Fall and be reminded of all those fun activities and feelings that make the season to great. Here are some of our favorite scents for Fall:

  1. Amber Chic

This candle is light yet deep scent that’s perfect for a Florida Fall. Waves of a watery lush accord merge with the freshness of bergamot Italian to form the top notes. Green florals, white jasmine, orange rose petals, and white lily-of-the valley come together forming an intense fragrant floral bouquet. The fragrance ends in a trail of blanched driftwoods, vanilla ribbons, white musk, and golden oriental amber. It’s a little woodsy, a little floral, and perfectly light for any time of day, really, but we most love it in the evenings.

2. Blackberry Sage

This Fall scent is bright and full of personality, yet has hints of Fall, with sage, clove and warm vanilla, that remind of us cozy walks and cooking dinners at home. This candle is a fruity herbal fragrance that starts off with a juicy orange citrus mixed with blackberry, strawberry, sage and hints of spice like cinnamon and clove, with a base of sweet vanilla.

3. Egyptian Musk

Egyptian musk is another great evening choice for a cozy, quiet evening in. It’s a little spicy and smooth, while still being balanced out with notes of balsamic and sandalwood. This traditional scent introduces bergamot with touches of clove bud combined with gently selected balsamic herbaceous notes while white patchouli, grey musks, and Indian sandalwood give depth to this classic fragrance.

4. Glow in the Glades

It doesn’t get much more Florida than a BBQ outside (hopefully pool or beach-side) with a sun setting in the background. Two points for Fall that hopefully mosquitos aren’t so bad too! This scent is perfect for those nights with family and friends. It smells like the Florida outdoors we love: fresh Florida air, water lotus/water lily and  Everglades cypress.

5. Rustic Lakehouse

Because we also enjoy mountain cabins, cold temperatures + hot chocolate, Rustic Lakehouse is the perfect candle to transport you to somewhere a little chiller, and maybe with some mountains in the background. Lighting this candle will be like being in a cabin nestled among towering pines, birch, and spruce trees, overlooking placid waters and reflecting a setting sun.

5. Salted Caramel

For the sweet tooth in you, Salted Caramel is the perfect scent to have going while cooking and baking. It’s a mixture of smooth, creamy caramel, dark honey and crunchy sea salt crystals, and completely irresistible.

6. Warm Vanilla

Warm vanilla is a perfect, cozy, classic scent during Fall, day or night. It’s perfectly sweet and smooth, and just invites you to be cozied up at home with a movie and popcorn. Our scent is the perfect balance of warm vanilla with soft floral notes with hints of coconut and white musks.