City Employees Visit ScentsAbility….

City Employees Visit ScentsAbility….

We had some special visitors at the shoppe last week, a group of employees from the City of Coral Springs.  Their visit had a dual purpose.  First, we wanted to show them what this micro-enterprise in their own city was really all about, to make it personal for them and to acquaint them with the staff, our goals, and the variety and quality of our products.  And secondly, they willingly became a sort of practice group, going through the activities that the staff has been working on all summer for our upcoming party and team building events which will soon be available to the public.

Staff members greeted our guests at the door and while in the front showroom, Bonnie, the founder and director, gave them a brief background of the mission of this 501c which she created to help her daughter Jessica on her road to independence.

Our guests surround the pouring table, each assisted by one of our staff members.

Then came the moment that captivates all of our visitors: they met each of the staff attending that day.  I could see our guests’ smiles and hear their ‘ahhs’ as our crew introduced themselves and commented on what ScentsAbility has done for them.  The common thread amongst them was the camaraderie, love, and purpose that this business has afforded them.  Several of our crew shared that they have found outside jobs as a result of their training here, and all have found a social life and second family with the friends they’ve found at ScentsAbility.  And not to forget the products themselves, they shared their favorite tasks in creating our candles and other scent items.

Next, as our staff helped the visitors don their work aprons, we moved to the factory where our guests played a few games.  Kim came very close with her guess as to how many scent balls were in a jar, and Lydia and Greg did a great job at guessing what our new scents were by merely sniffing the oils.

Kim stirs the cinnamon scent into the soy as Bonnie and Lexy look on.

They then poured their own cinnamon scented candles, being guided, of course, by our staff.  They learned about the accommodations we make for our chandlers with special needs, specifically how pink duct tape turns into a tool helping them line up the empty tins and how, with the aid of a specially designed wicker, they can perfectly install a wick in a jar despite any physical or visual disability.

Greg, Lydia, Joyce and Kim learn to bottle and cap their choices of essential oils and create their own roller ball blends.

And just when our guests thought that was it, they were shown our line of essential oils and scented rollerballs, creating one of each for themselves. Then on to one more station, as the guests poured their own hand sanitizers.

It was a busy afternoon for us all.  Conversations and hugs as they exited confirmed that they did, indeed, appreciate what our shoppe and our chandlers have to offer.  They all said they’d be sharing their experience and their samples with friends and co-workers.  And we all agreed that the staff has created an informative, fun-filled experience for those who will participate in our parties and team building activities.

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