Five Ways to Use Essential Oils

Five Ways to Use Essential Oils

Whether it’s relaxation, help with allergies, or soft ways to bring in fresh or soothing scents into your home, the uses of essential oils are endless. They allow you to disconnect in the middle of the day, add energy to busy work days, or unwind when you really need to relax. For us, products incorporating essential oils were an easy extension of our candle line because they are another way to add scent into your everyday life, which we think only makes life better. Even better, essential oils have benefits for mind and body, and we want to help spread these positive effects to our customers. It’s nice that there are many ways to incorporate essential oils in your life. Here are a few ideas.

1. Apply directly to your skin

            The simplest way to use essential oils is to apply them directly on your skin. It absorbs quickly, but make sure to mix the essential oil with a carrier oil, like almond or sunflower oil (the rule of thumb is 12 drops of essential oil to 1 ounce of carrier oil). Placing a citrus scented essential oil on your wrist when that 2:30pm feeling is creeping in at work is a great way to get a boost of energy for the afternoon.

2. Diffuser

            This is probably the most popular option, and is nice because you turn your diffuser on, and it will emit the essential oil mist for the time you set it to. A room or atmosphere can be completely changed with a diffuser!

3. Using in a bath

            At the end of a manic Monday, an essential oil bath of lavender oil, mixed in with Epsom salt is a soothing way to decompress for the day. The oil will absorb into your skin from the water, and inhaling and relaxing in the water gives you an opportunity to relax. Remember that the oil is not dispersed and diluted in the water; it is at full strength, so go slowly, one drop at a time. 
Use up to eight drops of your chosen essential oil or blend. You’ll want to keep the bathroom door closed too ensure that the aroma does not disperse.

4. Inhalation and Steam
Sprinkle a few drops of an aromatherapy oil onto a handkerchief or tissue, and inhale as required.
 This can help with everything from stress and anxiety, to sinus issues and allergies. You can achieve the same effect by inhaling steam mixed with essential oils. To do this, cover your head with a large towel, close your eyes, put your face above the steaming water mixed with oil and inhale deeply.

5. Jewelry

            Saving the best for last, we also love adding essential oils to jewelry, and add them to the bracelets and necklaces we sell. This way, your oil literally travels with you, as it’s kept in either beads of a bracelet, necklace or earrings. It’s a great way to allow the essential oils to be with you throughout the day, and can be that perfect pause you need in the middle of the work day.

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