Frozen Sisters….

Frozen Sisters….

They call themselves the Frozen Sisters, based not only on their love for the movie Frozen, but also on their love for each other — four girls from from different backgrounds with a common purpose.  Their bond is obvious, but their long range goal is not just friendship or working at the candle shoppe, but becoming as independent as possible.

They come from entirely different backgrounds.  Jessica and Kim met years ago while still in high school.  Although they attended different schools, they met at Atlantic Vocational School in a cooking class.  The first time I met them — nearly ten years after they completed high school – they told me about that class, clearly a fond memory.

Kortni was invited to join ScentsAbility four years ago after they got to know her through Special Olympics bowling.  Bonnie sensed that her independent, outgoing nature would blend well with the group.   She was right, and the threesome seems to have a language all their own.  It takes just a glance to set off giggles that only they understand.

Lexy is the newest member of the Sisters, thanks to her dad buying a candle from the team at an event and sharing the experience with Lexy and her mom. After only a few visits to the shop last fall, she knew that ScentsAbility would fill the void that her recent high school completion had left.

Although these fab four make up the core of Frozen Sisters, they welcome all the gals who work at the shop into their Sisterhood.  It is a tight bond; I am sure they will never ‘let it go.’

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