Holiday Flurry….

Holiday Flurry….

After over four years volunteering with the ScentsAbility family, I thought I was used to surprises…of all types.   And being in the midst of my fourth holiday season at the shop, I thought I was ready for the accelerated pace of sales and events.

But I was not ready for this season.  It has been a flurry of surprises, orders and events.

For me it started when I got a phone call from Bonnie the day before Thanksgiving.  First of all, a phone call – not a text??  I quickly learned that the Chief Marketing Officer from GreenspoonMarder had come in and pretty much cleared the shelves in the showroom.

Then came a large order from Joe Blythe in New Jersey, owner of WICK IT, the company that donates all of our amazing cotton wicks. Uncle Joe, as we affectionately call him, wanted to restock his supply of ScentsAbility Candles for his warehouse storefront.  We were exhausted — happily.

Our candle display at Wick It in New Jersey.

But why stop at New Jersey.  Next came a surprise call from an employee at the Embassy of Israel in Washington D.C. She had found us online and wanted to order personalized candles for the Embassy’s holiday party.  What an honor — we are still beaming.

And the busy days have been great.  The kids have never worked so hard wicking and cleaning and lidding and labeling, and we all leave the shop every afternoon smelling like a wonderful concoction of our new aromas.

In the meantime Bonnie and varying chandlers have been at events from the Palm Beach School for Autism in Lake Worth, to Weston Town Center,  to the Franklin Academy in Pembroke Pines.   I get reports from the kids such as, “We sold out of Magic Candles.”  Or “I learned to upsell,and somebody bought ten pine candles.”

Anthony Rizzo takes time for a photo with Kim, Kortni, Denise Lexy, Jessica and Bonnie.

And let’s not forget some fun at the Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation 6th Annual Walk-Off for Cancer in Parkland where several of our crew met Chicago Cubs baseball star and Stoneman Douglas graduate, Anthony Rizzo.  Plus the shop has been visited by some fascinating people such as the man who bought every Havana Nights candle because it reminded him of his homeland, and the Marine veteran, Nick, who came in for some Lavender Essential Oil and stayed a while to chat and help out a bit.

Kim went to high school with Rizzo, and as she always says “I sat next to him in study!”

We are still in the midst of the Holiday Season, and I can only imagine what’s next.  And why not!!  It’s what ScentsAbility has been working toward for a long time.

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