Kortni On a Shelf….

Kortni On a Shelf….

What happens when you mix the traditions and expertise of a 5th generation candlemaker with modern technology?  You get a very special day at ScentsAbility.

William and Isabella Muench, who operated a century-old, family-owned candle factory in Mexico City, recently visited our candle factory.  They observed our volunteers making candles, offering tips and techniques to make their jobs easier and more efficient.

Yet as much as we were all enamored with this couple, who had just that morning flown in from Dallas, they seemed equally impressed, not only with the quality of our candles, but also with an iPad which occupied a place on the shelf overlooking the pouring table.

You see, ScentsAbility is not only about intellectually challenged young adults making professional quality candles, but also about an endearing group of young adults who have become so close that even when one of the members moved 90 miles away, her friends found a way to include her in this and so many other moments at ScentsAbility.

So there was Kortni – on the shelf – via iPad – observing and participating in this event at ScentsAbility, giving long distance ‘thumbs ups”, smiles and thanks to our guests from Dallas.  And William and Isabella smiled and gestured right back at her, a wonderful testament to tradition, good friends new and old, and technology.

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