There are times we need our people more than others. I know it’s hard enough for those of us that can express ourselves clearly to say when we are in need, but how do we perceive the needs of someone else, who maybe can’t themselves say “I need you”? We just try, and we let them know we see them, even though they can’t tell us themselves.

We have a beautiful tribe at Scentsability. We have fun together, work hard together, and explore new areas and push our comfort zones together. These shiny times are fun, but what’s most important is that we sit with each other through it all. And there are no exceptions to that. It’s like having that friend you know you can always call, or that feeling after a long day and you finally crawl into bed. We are each other’s acceptance, escape and home, all in one. And lately, in the middle of our beautiful times together, we’ve been going through challenging things too. Our young adults, like the rest of us, face hard life changing transitions and pain. And the only thing we know to do with these things is to simply be with them. To let each other know “I’m your tribe.”

About a month ago, Kim’s dad passed away. This is something we were preparing for, as her father was older and had been struggling with health problems for some time. But it doesn’t matter. It never matters when you “see it coming.” Losing a parent is hard, and we’re doing our best to love Kim, who maybe can’t always say “this is really hard.” During this transition, Kim has moved from the home she shared with her dad for the last 32 years of her life, and into a new chapter at our founder, Bonnie’s, home — the beginning of what will one day be our girls’ home. Kim is slowly getting comfortable there, spending days working on Scentsability projects and adjusting. We’re doing our best to spend fun times together, and spent last Sunday all taking branding photos together. Kim got her hair and makeup and done for the day and she told us all, “I look good.” You do, girl. She’s also going on dates with her guy. She and Billy went to Toojay’s the day before. Billy told me they split the cheesecake for dessert so no one “went overboard.” And we are talking about it, whenever she wants. To the best of our ability, we let her know she is seen and heard. The first moment we had alone on Sunday Kim let me know “my dad died.” I let her know that my mom also died some time ago, and that it is scary and hard when our parent leaves us (what I was actually saying was “I see you.”). Two of our girls, Lexi and Jessica, have also been dealing with difficult health problems. They have both been in and out of the hospital and packing doctor and physical therapy visits into their days. Lex has been dealing with knee issues from a procedure she had earlier this year. She was in a wheelchair for some time, and then a walker, and now walking with a pirate’s limp. This hasn’t been an easy period for our dance loving girl, and there’s been times of frustration and impatience. Jessica has been going through very painful periods due to an infection, which has left her feeling restless and anxious, and often unable to sleep. 

And we’ve all been there. Those period where you’d just do anything for some good rest. We know this will pass, and we know bright beautiful days continue to be around the corner. But through these things, we do what we know: we sit together. We have seen it on posters and all over Instagram before, but it’s true: everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Take it from this group, that together is the kindest, purest hearts I’ve known. Please keep being kind. Go on a date with your guy or girl, or mom or friend, talk about the things that are maybe uncomfortable, but you know you’ll feel better finally getting out. Dance with a pirate’s limp. Split the cheesecake. Just keep saying “I see you.”


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