Makes Scents….Right?

Makes Scents….Right?

As a long time high school English teacher, I thought I had a pretty good command of the language, but the ScentsAbility gang has taught me quite a few vocabulary lessons.  They often use words and phrases that only they understand, but I soon realized their playfulness with the English language makes complete sense.

For instance, a former chandler, Leslie, loved to compare scents; however, occasionally she would smell a few candles and decide there was absolutely no ‘snifference’ between them.  The word has caught on.

And once or twice a month Kim and Jamie remind me that it is time to pour ‘hanitizer.”  This confused me at first, but I figured it out as I glanced at the hand sanitizer work area.  I should have known!   Similarly Kortni enjoys making ‘crochets.”  Knowing that we do not create yarn products at the shoppe, I eventually realized she was referring to our sachets, better know as Scent Rocks.

Kortni Malortni filling up ‘crochet’ bags.

And just when I thought I knew everyone at the shoppe by name, I heard stories about Johnny Boy and Daddy Becker;  who are they?  Apparently, ‘they’ are John, the IT director.  And when the staff started giggling about Barney and Bernice going with them to Lando, I was lost.  I soon learned they are Jessica’s mom Bonnie and Lexy’s mom Denise, who would be on the Orlando trip with them next week.  Who knew!

And then there’s the staff.  It took me a while to figure out that Onion Boy is Khari,  Drewski Maluski is Drew,  Kortni Malortni and Courtney Cox are both Kortni,  Carmen San Diego is, of course, Carmen, the Foreman is Shaun, and Jessica and Michael call each other Honey Bunches of Oats.

Okay,  I thought I had it all straight – until yesterday.  Lexy kept calling me Linda Pinda, and  Jessica called from her storeroom/office, “Hey, Second Linda, do you need me to stir?”  So now this Linda, aka AfterLinda, now has yet a few more names.  I’m getting used to it.   It all makes scents, right?  (Or is it sense)?

Jessica fills up Scent Rocks sachets


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