Shaking It Up….

Shaking It Up….

After months of testing, our resident ‘chemist’ (that would be Bonnie) finally perfected our latest product, ScentSilk, a hand and body lotion starting with a coconut oil base and finishing with one of several natural scents.

So it was finally time for the crew to start bottling the lotion and adding scent, a multi-step process, and between each step the scent oils needed to be infused into the base.

Hence, the shaking. Pump out some lotion, add oil, shake, more lotion, more oil, more shaking. A simple enough process, but as usual our workers would make every task an adventure. Kim and Latasha decided to make a duet out of shaking by putting the task to a rhythm. Immediately Lexi and Carmen, who were working on a different job, joined in to the “shake to the left–shake to the right’ cadence. Jamie had his own meticulous, more reserved method, lining up the bottles and pumping his lotion in an almost assembly line manner.

A few hours later, 150 bottles of ScentSilk had been poured, shaken, shelved and were ready for sale. And we all went home smelling like a delightful concoction of limoncella, bali spa, patchouli orange, lavender mint and watermelon.


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