Shaun’s Birthday Bash….

Shaun’s Birthday Bash….

What do you get when you combine three lanes of bowling, lots of competition, chicken wings, pizza, music, cake, laser lights and a horse’s head.  Well, this weekend, it was Shaun’s birthday party at Sawgrass Lanes.

Shaun opens his birthday cards as Lexy and Kortni look on.

Watching our ScentsAbility group bowling was a great way to spend an evening.  Competition was fierce — all in fun, of course — as each bowler exhibited his or her own unique style.  What first caught my attention was Khari.  Having the use of only one arm, Khari somewhat resembled a left-handed baseball pitcher as he quickly slung the ball down the lane.  Lexy, on the other hand, had a very deliberate technique as she swung the ball back and forth, stared it down, pointed ahead, then slowly inched toward the foul line and released.  Her routine continued with gestures and vocals as the ball creeped down the lane.

Shaun scored over 100 points with a rather serious approach;  when I asked him where he had learned to bowl, he replied that he used to bowl as a youngster and practices his swing with a computer bowling game.  Drew and Michael are experienced bowlers, having competed in Special Olympics Bowling, so they seemed quite professional, drawing lots of high fives with every spare and strike.

And then, out of nowhere came a man with a horse head:  he grabbed a bowling ball, threw it down the lane, got a spare, and then posed for pictures with the crowd.

The ScentsAbility crew poses with a strange horse head creature.

The evening ended with cake as Shaun opened an assortment of birthday cards, most with much appreciated money and gift cards.  Happy 40th Birthday to Shaun; we are all so glad to have been a part of the celebration.

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