She’s Back….

She’s Back….

We missed Carmen. Due to complicated circumstances after her mother’s sudden passing over a year ago, Carmen was unable to make it to the candle shoppe for a while. We spoke with her and Tony, her dad, on the phone occasionally, but we dearly missed her presence.

Then one day a few weeks ago, I walked into the shoppe and heard a deep, rather loud but familiar laugh, and I knew Carmen was back. I had been a bit apprehensive about the ease of her return. A few friends of hers had moved on, new chandlers were regulars, and a remodeling had changed the familiar layout and work areas of ScentsAbility.

Fortunately my concerns were unfounded. Carmen was back, and it was as though time had stood still in so many ways. There she was, meeting new friends, socializing with familiar faces, talking about her ‘boyfriend’ Prince, coloring diligently and volunteering to stir scent into the soy, but best of all — laughing.

As expected, there were a few tearful moments as we all reminisced about her mom, Nancy, who had been a fixture in the shoppe in her own way, but time has allowed those memories to become sweet as they blended with Carmen’s sheer joy — she was back with her ScentsAbility family.

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