Simply Jessica….

Simply Jessica….

If you know ScentsAbility, you know Jessica.  Her smile and her “Welcome to my candle shoppe”  greeting and hug make everyone who walks through the door feel welcome.

The opening of her candle factory on Sample Road five years ago, after making candles in her garage for four years, was the culmination of her love of candles and a big step on her journey toward independence.

Her daily tasks vary, depending on the needs of the day — or simply depending on her whims.

On Mondays, when the crew is seldom there, it is cleaning day, and dusting the shelves is her favorite job.  On busier days, when the shop is filled with chandlers (candle makers), she is most often the social butterfly, chatting as she stirs the scents into the soy, assembles the wicks, or helps stock the shelves.

And occasionally she simply prefers to ‘do her thing’, which usually means spending a little quiet time on the couch in her office/storage room, watching a video on her tablet.

But no matter what she is doing, the little things matter — whether it’s the color of my lipstick, the pink streaks in her hair, a reminder that it’s Taco Tuesday, a list of the evening’s TV viewing, or an update on Sammy her cat.  And watching Jessica smile and simply be Jessica, I am constantly reminded that indeed, it should always be the little things that matter most.

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