So Many ‘Hats’….

So Many ‘Hats’….

I first met Bonnie at a green market a few years ago.  For many reasons — the kids, the candles, the aromas — I was drawn to the booth, but after walking away, the impression that stayed with me most was the passion and enthusiasm of Bonnie.

I was unsure of her role.  Yes, she is Jessica’s mom and founder of ScentsAbility, but I noticed even back then that she was so much more, and I’ve never seen it so vividly as last week.

It was an extra busy day in the shop;  we were finishing an order of 650 candles for a JARC event.  Bonnie, as usual, was alternating between managing phone calls and emails and overseeing the candle-making process.  These jobs were interrupted by her role as surrogate mom as a few of the crew needed help preparing their lunches.  Minutes later, the manager job of Bonnie manifested itself as a contact from FAU came in to discuss upcoming events and shortly thereafter two ladies came to select candles for possible private labeling.

By that point I’d lost count of the roles she had already played, when a phone call came in;  one of our chandler’s dads had an emergency and she would need a ride home.  Seconds later another of our crew needed help regulating her insulin and another exhibited stomach pains.   So….new ‘hats’ of crisis manager, social worker, nurse and friend emerged.

A little after 6:00 most of the crew had been picked up, the last batch of candles was drying, and it was time to go home.  As I left, however, I looked back, and there was Bonnie, still scheduling events and personnel and returning phone calls, before going home.

And, by the way, if you are reading this blog, I managed to get it posted before her modest humility suggested I not do so.

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