Summer Blues? Not at ScentsAbility….

Summer Blues?  Not at ScentsAbility….

This is my fifth summer with ScentsAbility and as with most businesses, summers tend to be slow.  And although there are no outdoor events due to the heat, no fundraisers due to vacations and wayward snowbirds, and no school events, it has still been a very productive, busy summer.

This summer has allowed time for launching new products and ideas for this evolving business.  We spent several afternoons working on the measurements and routine for making our new ScentMe Rollerballs, delightful combinations of essential oils blended with coconut oil.   Choosing the right blend can help soothe, energize, heal, or even keep bugs away.  In combination with our natural oils, BodySilk lotion, and Happy Hands sanitizers, our line of body products continues to grow.

Kim perfects her technique, adding scent, blending and capping our new ScentMe Rollerballs.

Other days were spent tweaking ideas and procedures for what we hope to be an exciting fall kickoff for our parties.  Just last week the staff made the initial batches of gel candles.  We all found it fun, choosing colorful sand, tiny shells, miniature glass critters or simply shapes to add to the clear jars.  After just a short time, we all delighted in our gel candles, peeking at the tiny worlds inside each.

Shaun shows off his miniature gel world. The stick holds the wick straight until the gel is set.

We then had our kids experiment with making ‘stinky paper’  hanging air fresheners, trying to develop the best process to paint and scent this new product.  They created everything from Tasha’s geometrically painted apple, Katie’s hearts and flowers apple, to Carmen’s birdhouse.  With the addition of a pleasant fragrance, the first delightfully ‘stinky’ deodorizers were ready to be hung in cars, closets, and bedrooms.

After completing her stinky paper air freshener, Katie supervises her mom in creating hers.  They were visiting for the day from Palm Beach.

So it’s barely mid-July, and what we thought would be a quiet summer has already proven to be quite productive.  We look forward to sharing these new products and ideas soon with our friends; keep checking our webpage for upcoming details.

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