The ScentsAbility Experience….

The ScentsAbility Experience….

We don’t get much foot traffic at the candle shoppe on Sample Rd.  It’s a bit hidden, and the majority of our sales are online and at events.  But every time a guest finds us, we witness a unique yet rather predictable experience.

The other day we welcomed a lady whom Carmen had just met a few evenings ago at a neighborhood gathering.  Claudia was so impressed with Carmen’s stories about candles, friends, and her job at the shoppe that she decided to visit us.

The typical pattern begins as visitors express wonder at the enticing combination of scents in the air.  Next generally comes a comment about how surprised they are with the displays, variety, and professional quality of our products.  Soon our new visitors meet each of our chandlers and become enamored by their individual yet welcoming personalities, hugs, handshakes and smiles.

And soon they are choosing scents, usually recommended by one or more of our team, touring the factory, watching our chandlers work, socializing and enjoying what has become lovingly dubbed “The ScentsAbility Experience.”   Indeed, each guest, no matter his or her purpose, is unique, yet we never tire of marveling at their similar reactions as they check out with smiles, compliments and promises to return to see us again.

So if you’ve not yet visited our shop, please stop by and see what the Scentsability Experience is all about…….

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