If you’ve tried to access our FaceBook page within the past few days, you’ve probably encountered a cryptic message about the inaccessibility of that page.

We’re not yet sure where it is or how to retrieve it, but it is gone, and our social media company, Main Street Hub, is working to get it back up as soon as possible.  It seems it was lost in their efforts to merge our old page with our current page, which would combine our followers and direct them to the most recent postings.

This is serious on so many levels.  We have an avid following and we’re sure they’re wondering what has happened. Equally important, however, is the reality that for our staff, FaceBook is their connection to each other, to ScentsAbility itself.  It is their pastime when they are not together. They thrive on looking at current postings as well as reminiscing about their history as documented online.  For them it is a personal loss.

So perhaps you can help.  We have reached out to every media contact we know of asking for help.  We have tried to contact anybody and everybody at FaceBook that could possibly help, including Mark Zuckerberg.  Main Street Hub tells us that only FB tools can resolve the problem, so if you have any connections, if you know anybody, anywhere, any way, who can help, please do what you can to help us.

We miss you…. but we are still here.

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