Where Everybody Knows You….

Where Everybody Knows You….

Michael makes a sale while Jess and Kelly look on.

This past weekend I decided to check out the ScentsAbility booth at one of my favorite Coral Springs events:  The Festival of the Arts.

As anticipated, I found kids of all ages making Magic Candles and other customers smelling and selecting candles and other products.  Crew members were assisting them with their choices, Billy was taking the money – business as usual.

But I also noticed several people lingering around:  one lady was introduced to me as Thomas’s mom who had stopped by to visit, Josh and his dad had met us at another event and join us whenever they can.  Amy rolled up in her wheelchair eagerly saying hello to everyone.  Others were introduced to me as so and so’s family or friend, or the lady from such and such an event.

Most of their names escape me, but what stays with me is this atmosphere of camaraderie, catching up and simply hanging out at the booth.  Customer sales were, of course, successful.  But what amazed me most was the magnetism of the ScentsAbility team and the friends who follow them.  And this integral connection to our community is something that indeed money cannot buy.

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