With a Little Help….

With a Little Help….

I had my doubts….I anticipated we might have a little trouble making lava bead bracelets.  It was a great idea for a new scent product, and we hoped to be able to make the bracelets ourselves rather than ordering them pre-made.

My doubts began early – long before we even opened the kits in the shoppe.  I was visiting my 10 year old granddaughter Lizzie and figured she was the perfect one to try the task.  Disregarding the annoyance of her dogs trying to chase down wayward beads, bracelet assembly went well.

NOTE TO SELFFind a way that the beads won’t roll off the table even if you don’t have pets.

Then it was time to knot— which became a series of failures.  Bracelet after bracelet broke, knots came loose and beads dropped everywhere.  I emailed Cheryl, the lady who had supplied the kits, and she promptly replied that she would be coming to south Florida soon and would be glad to give us a tutorial.

A peek at some of the variety of bracelets Cheryl shared with us.

Meeting Cheryl, whose company is Coconut Quartz, was just one of those fortuitous coincidences.  Bonnie had met her in December while visiting Niagara Falls, where Cheryl just happens to have a shop, which Bonnie just happened to walk into.  And it was only a few minutes before Bonnie envisioned these lava rock sensations – capable of holding scent – in ScentsAbility’s product line.

While we waited a few weeks for Cheryl and her husband Steve to visit the shoppe, I began to worry that not all of our staff would be able to string the tiny beads onto an even tinier, one millimeter stretchy string.  Imagine my surprise when I walked into the shop on the morning of their visit, and several of the kids were already stringing bracelets they had personally designed.   The table was a potpourri of color and texture as beads and spacers were passed around and Jessica, Lexy and Kortni proudly held up their unfinished creations for me to admire.


Jessica proudly shows off the beads she strung herself.

NOTE TO SELF Remind everyone, including me, that beads fall off the string more easily than they go onto the string, especially when held upright.

As the kids completed their bracelets, I noticed how differently each created her pattern.  Jessica’s choice of beads and colors seemed rather spontaneous — much like she is.  Lexy, by contrast, chose her beads in small batches, reminding me of her work pattern: one task at a time.  Kortni loved all the beads, and her creation shows that as vividly as her personality does.

Lexy meticulously assembles her bracelet, section by section.

NOTE TO SELF The ‘how’ does not matter;  the results are all unique — and beautiful.

Then the moment of truth.  Cheryl showed us how to tie the knot; the secret lay more in the technique of tightening the knot than the actual tying.  Success!

Then more decisions….Lexy chose to scent her dark pink lava rocks with Cinnamon, Kortni thought sniffing Eucalyptus on her multi-colored bracelet might help her allergies, and Jessica chose Lavender for her pink and white stones.  Others opted to forego the scents for now.  Regardless, faces of staff and students alike beamed with pride over our new creations.

Cheryl, Jessica, Kortni, Sara and Lexy smell the scents they added to the lava rocks.

The morning ended with pictures, hugs, thanks and new friends who simply chose to stop by the shoppe on their way from Canada – through Ft. Lauderdale –  to a cruise to the Bahamas.

NOTE TO SELFThese kids can do anything — with a little help from our new friends!

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