Housing options

Housing options

Housing Options for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities are limited. The majority of this population live with family or in Group Homes.

As any young adult will probably tell you at one point or another, living with one’s parents is not always a great solution. Socialization is difficult as they may not have the opportunity to meet a lot of other people if he or she are constantly surrounded with the same family members. As parents age, it may become impossible for them to care for their child anymore, and the transition from a life-long residence could be more traumatic than if they had moved out when they were younger.

While there are some wonderful group homes with caring staff – this is not always the case. Group homes come in many varieties and can be paid for in many ways by state programs for people with disabilities.  Limited budgets result in less than ideal settings, programming and nutrition; and constantly changing staff is difficult for individuals with I/DD. 

Our goal at ScentsAbility is to develop an affordable, safe community for our Team Members who have expressed very clearly that they want to live as independently as they can WITH their peers. This is a difficult project and will take many years; but we are committed to succeeding… it’s what parents do for their kids – give them every opportunity to have a purposeful future!

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