Stayin’ Fit and Lovin’ it

Stayin’ Fit and Lovin’ it

Every Tuesday several of our young adults have been participating in a one-hour personal training session taught by Teresa Higgins held at Ultimate Sports Institute (USI) in Weston. Both USI and Theresa have donated their time and space and we are incredibly grateful. Fitness training is not easy for young adults with IDD. Regular classes at big gyms are hard to follow, too fast, and intimidating. Theresa is so encouraging and teaches the importance of exercise and healthy nutrition. We are so grateful to Theresa and USI and excited to continue on our path to healthy eating and fitness!

Building the Temple

As mentioned in our last newsletter, internationally renowned sculptor David Best, the Temple of Time, a place where all those touched by the tragic Parkland shooting can bring their pain, their tears, their rage and their sorrow. We were so grateful to be given the opportunity to volunteer with the crew. Everyone worked so hard and the crew was so patient and kind to all of the young adults at ScentsAbility. Tasks included carrying wood, stacking and helping decorate the wood panels to be used as flooring.

David Best was there and made everyone comfortable and confident that their work was appreciated. The work was exhausting…but very fulfilling. We left satisfied that we participated in such an important community project and we look forward to doing it again next week.

For three months, the temple — a secular work of art — will be open daily from 7 a.m. to dusk …then, in mid-May, it will be destroyed in a ceremonial fire. The burning ceremony is meant to be a cathartic experience, helping people in pain release their grief and move beyond their suffering, while never forgetting those lost that day.

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